After the presidential election the national mood was thick with despair, anger, and the desire to act. Many of us leapt into action; attending marches, making calls to representatives, giving  to progressive groups. Many of us, still suspended in disbelief, didn't know were to start. Now, as we experience almost daily threats to freedom and humanity, it is easy (and also human) to let paralyzing fear quell the fire of resistance.

As Unitarian Universalists our work for a better world calls us to act against oppression and injustice. Here, in Atlanta, our congregants wondered, "What can I do to resist and even counteract the assaults against justice? How can I do my part and still avoid burnout?" Rev. Anthony Makar created the Pledge to answer these questions.  It invites people to do practical things over the course of an entire year.

It acknowledges that we don’t exactly know how things will evolve as the new presidency unfolds and what the particular needs at any given time might be. For this reason, the Pledge incorporates both specific actions as well as more general ones that can be adapted to the concrete needs of the moment.

That fact is we have a long road ahead and more battles with arise. It will take all of us. The Love and Justice Pledge sets us all on a path that commits us to action, but also to sustainability. No matter who you are or where you are, this pledge equips you with tangible actions to create positive change through resistance and self-care.

Take the Love & Justice Pledge today!