I pledge to:

1. affirm TRUTH:

I will seek out the truth and speak the truth in a spirit of nonnegotiable civility;

2. affirm AWARENESS:

I will explore three different kinds of injustice that the new administration wants to reinforce, and, for each kind of injustice, I will engage in at least one action that seeks (in one way or another) to get us back on track;

3. affirm DIVERSITY:

I will reach out to at least five people who are significantly different from me (in terms of race, class, political affiliation, ability, and so on) in a spirit of curiosity and friendship, to find out about the life experiences that have made them who they are, and to share mine;

4. affirm SERVICE:

I will get clear about the personal strengths that are uniquely mine, and I will find ways to offer them up in the service of humanity;

5. affirm SPIRIT:

I will memorize a prayer or poem that grounds my practical actions in a spirituality of love and justice;


I will strive to balance work for peace and justice with enjoyment of the things in life that are good and beautiful. 

I pledge to do these six things as my way of contributing to the ongoing work of love and justice in 2017. 

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