Here are some guides to support you through each step of the Love & Justice Pledge. Check out "Additional Resources" for more information related to the Pledge and social justice. 

Introducing the  Pledge

"The Uses (and Misuses) of Outrage."

by Rev. Anthony Makar

Pledging to diversity

“Building Relationships with People from Different Cultures”

Pledging to truth

“No Facts? What Does That Mean?”

by Doug Muder

Pledging to service 

“Elves and the Shoemaker: Exploring the Spirituality of Work,”

by Rev. Anthony Makar

Pledging to awareness

“Dear Mr. Trump: Will You Advance a Moral Agenda?”

by Rev. Dr. William Barber II

pledging to spirit

“Wow, Gimme, Thank You: A Spirituality of Prayer for Unitarian Universalists”

by Rev. Anthony Makar

Pledging to sustainability

 “The Overloaded Liberal,”

by Rev. Anthony Makar

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